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Discovery paragliding tandem flights

parapente et vautours fauves dans le ciel de Millau
For the little ones to their grandparents: it’s accessible for everyone. Every flight consists out of the activity itself, the equipment, a tandem flight with a State Certified Sports Instructor possessing different licenses and information about solo paragliding.

We adapt the flight to your wishes: quiet and laid-back…or acrobatic if you prefer those sensational feelings.
To make a reservation for a tandem flight, phone us to make an appointment, then download the reservation form, to return it completed back to us together with the regulation.

To offer a present, take a look on this page.

vol biplace zen en parapente

Biplace Zen:

-1 flight in the morning under calm circumstances

-Perfect for children from 5 years, but for older ones as well (max. 70kg).

-Time of the flight : 5 to 10 mn

vol biplace classique en parapente

Biplace Classic:

-1 flight in the afternoon in thermals. A first experience with thermals to ascend and to fly like a bird.

-From 5 to 85 years, let yourself slide through the air (max. 120 kg)

-Time of the flight: 15 to 30 min., depending on the weather and you.

vol biplace must en parapente

Biplace Must:

-Get to know more about the activity with a flight in the afternoon in thermals to fly as a bird through the air…

-From 5 to 85 years, not recommended for people suffering from motion sickness (max. 120 kg)

-Time of the flight: 45 min. up to one hour

vol biplace handicare


Discovering tandem flights are accessible for people with reduced mobility.For about ten years, the FFVL is working on the development of materials and teaching methods to let people with reduced mobility participate in the pleasure of flying.
Evasion participates in this project and offers you during the whole year discovering flights with so called “handi-fly” weelchairs with a State Certified Sports Instructor who are licenced for this activity.
vol biplace handicare

Time of the flight

Classic: 10 to 30 min., depending on the aerodynamics.
Must: 45 min. up to 1 hour, depending on the aerodynamics.

When a shuttle is required, the Classic will take about 1h30 and the Must 2 hours.
We are not equipped with a special vehicle to provide a shuttle.

Look at the page Prices, the prices are equal to the prices for the normal flights.
Our instructors our qualified by the state and licensed to fly with disabled people.

Possiblities for photos

We can make photos and videos when asked with an SD memory card. We do this with a telescopic stick and a camera with a wide viewing angle, the pilot and the passenger will both be pictured with various landscapes as background, just as the pictures below.

  • images en plein vol
  • images en plein vol
  • images en plein vol
  • images en plein vol

To specify when ordering. It is possible to choose this option right before the flight.

A dream that becomes reality

Hi there ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! You are about to jump on board of the most accessible, the coolest and the most liberating flying engine: paragliding.
Tandem flights are possible for :
vol en parapente avec papa!!
-Everyone starting from young (my advice: from 5 years) to all grown up (our oldest passenger: 87 years old).

-No special knowledge or courage are required, it’s quite easy and very accessible, even for the less sporty people or for those who suffer from vertigo, you don’t have to be afraid for that in the air!
The only things necessary are your enthusiasm and confidence.
-We will always make sure to give you a calm and safe take off (we don’t jump, we lift off) and landing.

Your equipment :

Walking or other sport shoes, comfortable pants or jogging pants and a windbreak.Bring globes and an extra sweater with you if the weather is cold.

Before the flight:

A short explanation: we will explain you how and why we fly, what there is to be found in the air (many things are flying on in the air and we know much about it!), why and how we discover everything, a little simulation for you to know how to sit comfortably when in the air and of course verifying if you feel alright!
This will give you satisfaction, knowledge and confidence…

The flights :

3 parapentes de compétition à Millau

It is the weather conditions that can make a flight good or bad and not so much the height of the site. At the moment, only 20m is enough to rest long enough in the air on the good days!
This beautiful activity is dependent of the weather; make an appointment at the beginning of your stay in Millau, this will give you the possibility to fly another day in case of bad weather.

The sites:

Four sites cover all the wind directions at only 15 min. distance from Millau:

- Brunas : north-east to north-west – 300m height difference (direction Roquefort, take the exit of Creissels to the left)

- Puncho d'Agast : south to west – 500m height difference (direction Montpellier le Vieux, on the site you will see satellite dishes)

- Le Pic d'Andan : south-east (wind from Autan) 100m height difference – (direction Cahors)

- Novis : the only site at +/- 20km from Millau – 250m height difference – direction Paris A75 – A perfect site in case the Autan wind in Millau is (too) strong.

Paragliding is feeling like a bird: spending time in the air, climbing as high as possible and keep flying in the air.
Some will even do acrobatics, just like jackdaws or falcons!
For this you will need thermals. Some days there will be and other days there won’t be, that’s the game!
We will only do acrobatics if you want to do this!

Thousands of people who have tried this already found it brilliant!

In the morning the sun is standing low and the fly conditions are still quiet and calm: let your children enjoy this with the flight ZEN!