Calendar courses and trips

Tandem flights and discovering days

If you wish, during the whole year.
Call or mail us (and leave us your phone number) to make an appointment.
To subscribe, download the tandem reservation form.


From April till 11 November the Evasion school is open every day for courses for all levels, weekends and school holidays included. Call or mail us (and leave us your phone number) to make an appointment.

Out of this period we are available as well, but less frequent. Call us for making an appointment together.

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We don’t propose every destination each year. If you are with a group that is interested in a not proposed destination or you’re not available on the proposed days, you can still do a request!
The prices will be different in this case. call us!

Look for the prices on the pageprices. The flight, the accommodation and the displacement are different for every destination, look at the destinations for more details.
Groups of min. 4 people can propose other data for the trips, however the prices will be different. Ask us for more information!

The mentioned data are provisional and can be modified at all times due to flying companies and your availability. We will look this through together when you are subscribing.

To subscribe, download the reservation form for trips.

To optimize our organization, subscribe yourself as soon as possible for the trips.

From 20/04 to 30/04/2015
Transport by Evasion van.

Italy Dolomites
From 25/09 to 04/10/2015
Transport by Evasion van or the plane to Milano, depending on where you live.

From 23/09/2016 to 02/10/2015
Transport by plane (Izmir)

Due to regional tensions at this moment, we won’t travel to this destination for the moment.
Transport by plane(Amman).

Du 06/04 au 15/04/2016
Transport by plane