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Paragliding courses

roland et une élève en matinéé de pente école The courses of Evasion, FFVL school for more than twenty years, are offering you to learn how to paraglide at your way and in your tempo so you can pass your pilotage licence and even more than that!

These courses generally take place during the weekend or during the week, but you can also choose to follow courses when and for how long you want. The costs are always depending on the number of courses (half a day) or the number of days.

Look at the planning or call us, we can always find a solution!

-Open all year long and every day from April until November

-Subscribe yourself by downloading the subscribe form for courses.

Learning: introduction course: ʺdu ciel plein la têteʺ

Individual course (1 or 2 pers.):

Alternation of introduction classes at the parapente school to acquire good ground techniques, tandem flight with double commands. The educational tandem will reassure and multiply your progression! Experience of flying from the first class.

Course ‘classique’ (3 pers. and more)

Training at the paragliding school and learning towards bigger flights. Tandem flights are included, but less methodical.

Public :

For everybody

Objective :

Learning about the equipment (parachute, safety parachute, VHF-radio); theoretical basic knowledge, progressing in first solo flights, access to a first FFVL pilotage license.

Duration of the programme:

Per classes of +/- 4 hours in the morning time with calm aerodynamics suitable for beginners. But we can also propose you whole days if the weather is good, if your level is good enough and if you’d wish! Classes or days: efficient and fast progression, the option 5 days or more is ideal, but we’ll do everything to adapt this to you (look at the page prices).
un groupe d'élève en stage parapente à Millau

Course perfection ʺVous devenez oiseauʺ

Public :
restitution en sud à la Pouncho d'Agast
Every level after finishing the introduction course. If your level is good enough to discover the thermals, let us know. We will make sure you will get to learn this!

Objectives :

First of all: enjoy flying!
…and at your tempo making progression towards a pilotage license: the first (longer) flights in thermals, optimize your flying skills in thermals, techniques for lifting off and landing adapted to the wind, the first cross.

Duration of the programme:

The weekends or during the week. Per class and (or) day, depending on your level. In the morning we work on techniques and in the afternoon and evening we fly in descents! Group classes or days = fast and efficient progression, the option for 5 days and more would be ideal, but we’ll do anything to adapt us to your schedule (look at page prices).


You can pass several pilotage licenses at our school.
Look at the prices..

The learning methods of Evasion

Our learning methods are based on the experience of our two instructors who are flying for more than 24 years professionally and on the FFVL-methods (Fédération Française de Vol Libre).

Learning how to fly on the ground, little jumps and working on bigger flights to finally make your first big flight, which normally will take place during the third class.

The flying sites in Millau offer learning possibilities for all levels starting from beginners wanting to fly over longer distances. They can fly over the famous restitution of Millau and spending their time in the calm air.

Keep the pleasure and the progression in your mind; flying should feel as being on vacation and having fun. We’ll do anything to create this for you.

The necessary theoretical knowledge and practising the flying are also a part of the classes.

We possess the label ‘Ecole Française de Parapente’, what does this mean?

This is the guaranty for you to find in our school the following distinctive qualities:

Stage parapente à Novis Groups from 2 to 5 people stimulate the personal progression.
We provide good quality equipment which is adapted to your level,
Good sites to learn,
Good sites for bigger flight, that give you, from beginners level, the opportunity to make progression,
Learning methods that are highly recommended by the FFVL.
The possibility to obtain a higher insurance licence.
The possibility to pass a pilotage licence.

And of course, we provide all the tools necessary, a shuttle, radios…

Why you should come to Evasion:

Stage parapente à Novis Little groups of 2 to 5 people will create a friendly environment which stimulates a personal progression.
Private classes are possible as well.
We’ll provide the shuttles on the spot.

By using an educational tandem you will make a certain and effective progression, this is included in the courses for the following cases: private classes or if it’s required for your progression.
It is our long and great experience with flying and in the mountains that is permitting us not only to take you on a tandem flight, but we can also take you to the mountains or on a trip to the most beautiful and varied destinations…

Practical information about the equipment:

The school will provide the flying equipment (wings, harness, VHF radio, safety parachute, helmet) and the shuttles.

You should bring:
- Adapted shoes (ideal are walking shoes, but at least closed shoes)
- Comfortable pants, a tracksuit is preferable
- Wool, fleece, a windbreak and gloves if it is cold. Pay attention to the speed we fly with, 50 km/h and if the temperature is low, you will get cold very quickly.
- Idem for hiking; for snowshoe hiking contact us, we will look together at your equipment.

You should at least be fit when you come to us!

You should at least be fit when you come to us! :

Every reservation will come into effect after receiving a written inscription (if possible with our form) and a deposit of € 100.

obligated for courses:

- For paragliding and speedriding: a FFVL licence and insurance (look at page prices) handed over when arriving in Millau. When you are insured elsewhere, you are obligated to show this to us.
- For hiking, snowshoe walking or orienteering: FFM or CAM license.When you are insured elsewhere, you are obligated to show this to us.
- Medical certificate of ʺcontraindications for the practise of…ʺ is obligated. This certificate can be made here, but it is preferable to do this before arriving.This can be done by your regular doctor, ask us for the list with indicators.
- A contribution to the Comite Departemental de Vol Libre (look at page prices).
In France and many other countries the flying sites are accessible and gratuitous, but participation in their management and maintenance is asked when taking your license.
- Minimum age: 14 years and 12 years with dispensation of the FFVL, to be asked beforehand.
- A written permission of the parents is required for minors.

Annulation :

From your side:
- More than a month before the beginning of the courses: your deposit will be returned to you.
- Less than a month before the beginning of the courses: Evasion will keep your deposit.
- A partial annulation other than the mentioned data will not lead to any discount.

From our side:
- You will be informed at least five days before the courses, we will return your deposit to you. Overmore, we will do everything to find a solution for you in Millau.

Equipment for sale:

At Evasion you will find all the equipment necessary to fly.
Look at page equipment.